Mustard FAQ

What type of mustard is Bijan Mustardson?

Bijan Mustardson is Bijan’s signature gourmet Dijon mustard. It’s smooth and rich with a Texas kick. And as far as types go, it's also the delicious type.

What can I eat Bijan Mustardson with?

Bijan Mustardson is best served among hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, and touchdowns. It’s also great in recipes that call for delicious Dijon mustard. And also with anything else that sounds good to you. And even sometimes by itself. Wow, I guess you can eat Bijan Mustardson a lot of ways. Thanks for helping us realize that.

Is Bijan Mustardson available in stores?

Bijan Mustardson is available at all Central Market locations in Texas. Get some while their brick-and-mortar mustard supplies last! If they’re out, tell them to call us and ask to bring them more. We have a car and everything.

Did Bijan really make this mustard?

Bijan worked with a bunch of top-quality chefs to make this mustard in the offseason. Or as Bijan calls it, the mustard season.

How long will it take to get my hands on this mustard?

Bijan Mustardson is produced in small batches with high quality ingredients. We are currently experiencing some delays due our suppliers running low on our key ingredients, so it may take up to 7 weeks to receive your order. However, Mustard orders typically arrive within 5-10 business days. Once you open the package, you'll be seconds away from getting your hands on it. So in all, that’s roughly 5-10 business days plus 30 or so seconds.

But what if I’m in Canada?

Unfortunately, Bijan Mustardson currently only ships to the United States. Sooory!

What can I do if I'm having trouble with my order?

If you're having trouble with your order, have a good mustard based joke, or even just want to chat mustard, shoot us an email at